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Woodland Burial


Increasing awareness of pollution and greenhouse gases associated with cremation and the unsustainability of conventional cemeteries has resulted in many families choosing the greener option of Woodland Burial. 


For each grave a tree is planted. In time this is becoming a valuable habitat for wildlife.  For example, a mature oak tree provides a home for over 300 organisms including birds, insects and lichens as well as filtering pollution from the air and water. 


What better memorial for future generations to inherit?

  • Burial rights in perpetuity – we will never re-use graves

  • Money is invested into a fund to provide for future maintenance.  This is issued as share capital in the company for families to hold.

  • There are no hidden extra charges, for example to place a marker on a grave.

  • Weekend or evening interments if required.

Visit Us

If you would like to see Mowthorpe for yourself then please feel free to visit anytime.

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01653 64​8459

Southwood Farm, Terrington, York,

YO60 6QB


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